Rebecca (Becca) Cole

How I got into science

I wouldn’t say that I am into science, but rather I am still getting acquainted with science. The words “I hate science” have left my mouth more often than not, and I was most definitely not the model AP Biology student. For a while, I believed that you had to be a certain type of person to study science and to excel in the field. I was never deemed a “science or math” person in high school, and because I struggled with these types of classes, I thought that maybe I couldn’t or shouldn’t study in the field.

I took my first Psychology course during my junior year of high school and, as the story usually goes, I fell in love with the study of the brain. While I absolutely love Psychology, the ambiguity behind so many fundamental theories makes me itch. I found myself wanting to know the “how’s” rather than the “why’s” that constitute human action. I thought that I could find all of these answers without having to try and comprehend the vast scientific detail behind the mechanics of the brain. It was not until I was standing in my shoebox of a dorm room, scribbling my own version of a paper’s figures on a two by one-foot whiteboard, and trying to give a TED talk to my roommates that I realized that science isn’t all that bad. As it turns out, deciphering the intricate, multi-layered, and very confusing neuroscience of the brain is kind of cool.

I sought out research as a different way to explore the brain. I’d like to think I was brainwashed, but after a couple of weeks in, I loved science? Here were the answers to all of my late-night Google searches and the means to begin to answer what Google had failed to.

I am still getting comfortable with being uncomfortable- with asking the wrong questions, questions with no answer, or questions with the simplest of answers, but I am thankful to have discovered research so early on, and I am so excited for what’s to come.

Non-science biography:

I am originally from Sterling, Virginia which is the most extreme of suburbs, so I was super excited to move to a city for college. I love animals, and I spend almost all of my time back home working at an animal hospital or obsessing over my own cat and two dogs. I also love to travel and can’t wait to take advantage of BU’s study abroad program.



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Burger, fries, and a milkshake


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reading, finding good documentaries, brunching

Coffee, friend or foe:

Coffee is the reason that I am still here today.

One thing I’m sorry I’m not sorry about

My cat is named after a male rapper

What I look for in a scientist

Someone driven by passion and genuine interest for their work rather than a résumé boost.